Department of Life and Coordination-Complex Molecular Science


Development of Complex Catalyst Aimed at Reversible Conversion between Chemical and Electrical Energy

Construction of a new energy conversion system instead of thermal and nuclear power generation is one of the most important problem which now confronts scientists. We have been developing transition-metal complex catalysts for electro- and photochemical multi-electron reduction of CO2 (fixation of electricity and solar energy) and electrochemical oxidation of organic compounds (regeneration of electricity) for the purpose of energy conversion between chemical energy and electricity. We have succeeded electrochemical conversion of CO2 to CO on the ruthenium complex having polypyridyl ligands and generation of oxyl- and aminyl-radical complexes from the corresponding aqua and ammine complexes by pH gradient. These complexes have potential to catalyze multi-electron reduction of CO2 and electrochemical oxidation of organic compounds, respectively.

TANAKA Group [Yamate Area]

Annual Review (PDF)



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