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Assistant Professor

SUDA, Masayuki

TEL: 0564-55-7347
FAX: 0564-55-7325
Mail: msuda_at_ims.ac.jp (Please replace the "_at_" with @ )
Affiliation laboratory:
Location: Myoudaiji, South Laboratory Bldg. Room318


Research Center of Integrative Molecular Systems, Division of Functional Molecular Systems


2009 Ph.D. Science, KEIO University
2008 JSPS Fellow(DC2)
2009 JSPS Fellow(PD)
2010 Postdoctoral Researcher, RIKEN
2011 Special Postdoctoral Researcher, RIKEN
2012 Assistant Professor, Institute for Molecular Science


2007  Incentive Award for Excellent Presentation (Japanese Society of Applied Physics)
2007  Poster Award (ISOP 2007)
2008  CSJ Student Presentation Award 2008(Japan Chemical Society)
2009  Fujiwara Award(KEIO university)
2010  CSJ Presentation Award 2008(Japan Chemical Society)
2011  Poster Award (Physics)(ISSMMM 2011)
2015  PCCP Prize

Main research themes

(1)Development of Organic Superconducting FET
(2)Development of Organic Monolayer FET

Selected Publications

  1. Masayuki Suda, Masaru Nakagawa, Tomokazu Iyoda, Yasuaki Einaga “Reversible Photo-switching of Ferromagnetic FePt Nanoparticles at Room Temperature” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2007, 129 (17), 5538-5543.
  2. Masayuki Suda, Naoto Kameyama, Motohiro Suzuki, Naomi Kawamura, Yasuaki Einaga “Reversible Photo-tuning of Ferromagnetism at Au-S Interfaces at Room Temperature” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2008, 47, 160-163.
  3. Masayuki Suda, Yasuaki Einaga “Sequential Assembly of Ferromagnetic ultra-thin Films with Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2009, 48 (10), 1754-1757. [highlighted in the front species]
  4. Masayuki Suda, Naoto Kameyama, Aya Ikegami, Yasuaki Einaga “Reversible Photo-tuning of Large Anisotropic Magnetization at Interface between Self-assembled Photochromic Monolayer and Gold” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2009, 131 (2), 865-870. [ highlighted in Nature Asia Materials]
  5. Aya Ikegami, Masayuki Suda, Takeshi Watanabe Yasuaki Einaga “Reversible Optical Manipulation of Superconductivity” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2010, 49(2), 372-374.