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Assistant Professor

TEL: 0564-59-5588
E-Mail : (Please replace the "_at_" with @ )
Location: Yamate, No.3 Bldg. 4F West

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Department of Life and Coordination-Complex Molecular Science, Functional Coordination Chemistry


2018 Ph.D. Tokyo Institute of Technology 
2018 Assistant Professor, Keio University (-2021)
2021.2- Assistant Professor, Institute for Molecular Science           


2019 Rising Star Award, Asian Crystallographic Association

Main research themes

Crystal structures and properties of the three dimensional frameworks composed of functional organic molecules
kewords Crystal structure analysis, Hydrogen-bonded organic framework, Chromism

Selected Publications

  1. H. Sugiyama, H. Uekusa, Two-step crystal-crystal phase transformation of N-salicylidene-p-aminobenzoic acid by gas-solid reaction with aqua-ammonia vapour, Acta Crystallogr. Sect. C, Struct. Chem. 77 (2021) 56–60.
  2. H. Sugiyama, Hydrogen-bonding patterns in 2,2-bis(4-methylphenyl) hexafluoropropane pyridinium and ethylenediammonium salt crystals, Acta Crystallogr. Sect. E Crystallogr. Commun. 76 (2020) 742–746.
  3. H. Sugiyama, H. Uekusa, Crystal Structure and Chromic Properties of an Iron(II) Complex Salt of a N-Salicylideneaniline Derivative, X-Ray Struct. Anal. Online. 36 (2020) 31–36.
  4. H. Sugiyama, K. Johmoto, A. Sekine, H. Uekusa, Reversible on/off switching of photochromic properties in: N-salicylideneaniline co-crystals by heating and humidification, CrystEngComm. 21 (2019) 3170–3175.
  5. H. Sugiyama, K. Johmoto, A. Sekine, H. Uekusa, In-Situ Photochromism Switching with Crystal Jumping through the Deammoniation of N-Salicylideneaniline Ammonium Salt, Cryst. Growth Des. 19 (2019) 4324–4331.
  6. H. Sugiyama, H. Uekusa, Relationship between crystal structures and photochromic properties of: N-salicylideneaminopyridine derivatives, CrystEngComm. 20 (2018) 2144–2151.