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Location: Myoudaiji, South Laboratory Bldg. Room314
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Solid-State Lasers, Nonlinear Optics, Micro Solid-State Photonics

Micro Solid-State Photonics

“Micro Solid-State Photonics,” based on the micro domain structure and boundary controlled materials, opens new horizon in the laser science. The engineered materials of micro and/or microchip solid-state, ceramic and single-crystal, lasers can provide excellent spatial mode quality and narrow linewidths with enough power. High-brightness nature of these lasers has allowed efficient wavelength extension by nonlinear frequency conversion, UV to THz wave generation. Moreover, the quasi phase matching (QPM) is an attractive technique for compensating phase velocity dispersion in frequency conversion. The future may herald new photonics.

Giant pulse > 10 MW was obtained in 1064nm microchip lasers using micro-domain controlled materials. The world first laser ignited gasoline engine vehicle, giant-pulse UV (355 nm, 266 nm) and efficient VUV (118 nm) pulse generations have been successfully demonstrated. Also, few cycle mid-IR pulses for atto-second pulses are demonstrated by LA-PPMgLN. We have developed new theoretical models for the microdomain control of anisotropic laser ceramics.


Fig. 1 The concept of micro solid-state photonics as micro-domain controlled materials/devices.


Fig. 2 Pulse width gap region of giant pulse lasers.


Fig. 3 Extended wavelength by giant micro-photonics.

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