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Res. Assoc. Prof.

FUJITA, Takatoshi

TEL: 0564-55-7260
FAX: 0564-53-4660
Mail: tfujita_at_ims.ac.jp (Please replace the "_at_" with @ )
Affiliation laboratory:
Location: Myoudaiji, South Laboratory Bldg. Room414


Department of Theoretical and Computational Molecular Science,
Theoretical and Computational Molecular Science


2006 B.H.D. Faculty of Human Development, Kobe University                        
2008 M.S. Graduate School of Cultural Studies and Human Science,
Kobe University                      
2011 Ph.D. Graduate School of Human Development and Environment,
Kobe University
2010 JSPS Research Fellow (DC2)                            
2011 JSPS Research Fellow (PD)                            
2012 Postdoctral Fellow, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology,
Harvard University                            
2015 Postdoctral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science,
Kyoto University                            
2016 Research Associate Professor, Institute for Molecular Science

Main research themes

Theoretical Studies on Molecular Aggregates
kewords Exciton, Energy and Charge Transfer, Organic Semiconductors
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Selected Publications

  1. T. Fujita, J. Huh, S. K. Saikin, J. C. Brookes, A. Aspuru-Guzik, "Theoretical characterization of excitation energy transfer in chlorosome light-harvesting antennae from green sulfur bacteria," Photosynth. Res. 120, 273-289 (2014).
  2. T. Fujita, S. Atahan-Evrenk, N. P. D. Sawaya, A. Aspuru-Guzik, "Coherent Dynamics of Mixed Frenkel and Charge Transfer Excitons in Dinaphtho[2,3-b:2'3'-f] thieno[3,2-b]-thiophene Thin Films: The Importance of Hole Delocalization," J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 7, 1374-1380 (2016).