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SAITO, Hikaru


TEL: 0564-55-7287
E-Mail : (Please replace the "_at_" with @ )
Location: Myoudaiji, South Laboratory Bldg., S101

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Deapartment of Materials Molecular Science, Division of Electronic Structure


2015 Bachelar of Engineering, Waseda University
2020 Doctor of Engineering, Waseda University
2019 JSPS Research Fellow (DC2), Waseda University
2020 JSPS Research Fellow (PD), Institute for Molecular Science

Main research themes

Operando Spectroscopic Study on Photocatalytic Conversion of Methane
kewords Methane, Photocatalysis, Operando spectroscopy, Surface reaction, Gas-solid interface

Selected Publications

  1. Hikaru Saito and Yasushi Sekine, Catalytic conversion of Ethane to Valuable Chemicals through Non-oxidative Dehydrogenation and Dehydroaromatization. RSC Adv., 2020, 10, 21427–21453.
  2. Hikaru Saito et al., Dehydrogenation of Ethane via the Mars-van Krevelen Mechanism over La0.8Ba0.2MnO3−δ Perovskites under Anaerobic Conditions. J. Phys. Chem. C, 2019, 123, 26272–26281.
  3. Hikaru Saito et al., Preferential Dealumination of Zn/H-ZSM-5 and Its High and Stable Activity for Ethane Dehydroaromatization. Appl. Catal. A: Gen., 2018, 549, 76–81.