When you are interested in our group member or posdoc position in our group, please contact the the principal investigater, Genki Kobayashi( We also accept stucents as graduate students in SOKENDAI or Special Collaboration with Research Students.

  Name E-mail Comments
Associate Professor Genki Kobayashi Google scholar citations
Assistant Professor Fumitaka Takeiri Google Scholar Citations
Secretary Miho Kamiya
Technical Staff Yumiko Imai
Technical Staff Akiko Kubota
D3 Tasuku Uchimura SOKENDAISOKENDAI Special Researcher (Pioneering Research Type)
M2 Yoshiki Izumi SOKENDAISRA
M1 Keiko Kusumoto SOKENDAI


PhD student Nur Ika Puji Ayu 2019.10-2021.9 Postdoctoral Researcher, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Secretary Ai Suzuki 2017.7-2021.6
PhD student Haq Nawaz 2018.10-2020.9 Senior Researcher, National Centre for Physics (Pakistan)
Technical Staff Masako Nishikawa 2017.5-2020.4
Visiting researcher (IIPA2019) Panitat Hasin (Chain) 2019.12-2020.4 Kasetsart University (Thailand)
Visiting student (IIPA2019) Chang Yeet Hoong 2019.11-2020.4 University of Malaya (Malaysia)
Master course student Asad Ali 2018.4-2020.3 Private company
Visiting student (IIPA2018) Lee Pui Kee 2018.11-2019.4 University of Malaya (Malaysia)