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MEISSNER, Matthias

まてぃあす まいすなー / MATTHIAS, Meissner

TEL: 0564-55-7445
メールアドレス: meissner_at_ims.ac.jp(_at_ は@に置き換えて下さい)
場所: 明大寺キャンパス 研究棟215号室


光分子科学研究領域 光分子科学第三研究部門


2010 physics "Diplom", Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany
2016 Dr. rer. nat., Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany
2016 IMS fellow


2013年 Student price for talk at „Surface/Interface Spectroscopy“ conference in Mishima, Japan


surface physics, electronic and structural characterization of organic thin films
キーワード epitaxy of organic films, photoelectron spectroscopy, electron diffraction


  1. M. Meissner, F. Sojka, L. Matthes, F. Bechstedt, X. Feng, K. Müllen, S. C. B. Mannsfeld, R. Forker, and T. Fritz: Flexible 2D Crystals of Polycyclic Aromatics Stabilized by Static Distortion Waves. ACS Nano 10, 6474–6483 (2016).
  2. F. Sojka, M. Meissner, C. Zwick, R. Forker, and T. Fritz: Determination and correction of distortions and systematic errors in low-energy electron diffraction. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 84, 015111 (2013).
  3. M. Meissner, M. Gruenewald, F. Sojka, C. Udhardt, R. Forker, and T. Fritz: Highly ordered growth of PTCDA on epitaxial bilayer graphene. Surf. Sci. 606, 1709–1715 (2012).