Available projects

Theoretical/Computational Molecular Science

Project Title: Theoretical studies of dynamics in condensed phases
Professor: Shinji SAITO
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Project Title: Generalized-Ensemble Molecular Dynamics Study for Medically Important Biomolecules
Associate Professor: Hisashi OKUMURA
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Photo-Molecular Science

Project Title: Development of novel quantum beam sources using a high energy electron beam
Associate Professor: Yoshitaka TAIRA
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Materials Molecular Science

Project Title: Fabrication and Characterization of Organic Solar Cells Using Small-molecular, Polymer, Single Crystalline Organic Semiconductors
Professor: Masahiro HIRAMOTO
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Project Title: Study on Ion Conductive Materials for Novel Energy Storage/Conversion Devices
Professor: Genki KOBAYASHI
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Life/Coordination-Complex Molecular Science

Project Title: Elucidation of dynamical structures of biomolecules toward understanding the mechanisms underlying their functions
Professor: Koichi KATO
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Project Title: Engineering and single-molecule imaging of protein molecular motors
Professor: Ryota IINO
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Project Title: Organic Molecular Transformations with Transition Metal Nano Catalysts
Professor: Yasuhiro UOZUMI
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Project Title: Design and Synthesis of Chiral Molecules
Associate Professor: Norie MOMIYAMA
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Project Title: Creation of novel photonic-electronic-magnetic functions based on molecules with open-shell electronic structures
Associate Professor: Tetsuro KUSAMOTO
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Research Center of Integrative Molecular Systems

Project Title: Biological rhythm & dynamics, through chemistry
Professor: Shuji AKIYAMA
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Project Title: Development of novel organic electronic and spintronic devices
Professor: Hiroshi YAMAMOTO
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Center for Mesoscopic Sciences

Project Title: Nano-Optical Studies on Excitation and Chirality of Nanomaterials
Professor: Hiromi OKAMOTO
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