Available projects

Theoretical/Computational Molecular Science

Project Title: Molecular Quantum Dynamics in Condensed Phases: Theoretical Study
Professor: Akihito ISHIZAKI
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Project Title: Generalized-Ensemble Molecular Dynamics Study for Medically Important Biomolecules
Associate Professor: Hisashi OKUMURA
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Photo-Molecular Science

Project Title: Angle-Resolved Photoemission Study on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Associate Professor: Kiyohisa TANAKA
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Materials Molecular Science

Project Title: Materials Characterization Using Newly Exploited Spectroscopic Techniques
Professor: Toshihiko YOKOYAMA
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Project Title: Fabrication of Small-Molecular-Type Organic Thin-Film Solar Cells
Professor: Masahiro HIRAMOTO
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Project Title: Characterizations of Biomolecules and Organic Materials Based on Solid State NMR
Associate Professor: Katsuyuki NISHIMURA
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Project Title: Study on Ion Conductive Materials for Novel Energy Storage/Conversion Devices
Professor: Genki KOBAYASHI
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Life/Coordination-Complex Molecular Science

Project Title: Structure and Function of Sensor Proteins for Environmental Signals
Professor: Shigetoshi AONO
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Project Title: NMR-based Characterizations of Structures and Interactions of Biological Macromolecules
Professor: Koichi KATO
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Project Title: Engineering, single-molecule and structural analyses of motor proteins
Professor: Ryota IINO
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Project Title: Design and Synthesis of Chiral Molecules
Associate Professor: Norie MOMIYAMA
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Project Title: Creation of novel photonic-electronic-magnetic functions based on molecules with open-shell electronic structures
Associate Professor: Tetsuro KUSAMOTO
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Research Center of Integrative Molecular Systems

Project Title: Biological rhythm & dynamics, through chemistry
Professor: Shuji AKIYAMA
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Project Title: Development of Field-effect-transistor with highly-correlated organic materials
Professor: Hiroshi YAMAMOTO
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Center for Mesoscopic Sciences

Project Title: Nano-Optical Studies on Excitation and Chirality of Nanomaterials
Professor: Hiromi OKAMOTO
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