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Apr. 1975 Institute for Molecular Science founded (April 22, 1975)
Instrument Center established (-March 1997)
Equipment Development Center established
May 1976 Chemical Materials Center established (-March 1997)
Apr. 1977 Computer Center established (-March 2000)
Low-Temperature Center established (-March 1997)
Apr. 1981 Okazaki National Research Institutes (ONRI) founded (-March 2004)
Apr. 1982 UVSOR Facility established
Apr. 1984 Coordination Chemistry Laboratories established (-March 2007)
Oct. 1988 Graduate University of Advanced Studies founded
School of Mathematical and Physical Science,
Department of Structural Molecular Science/
Department of Functional Molecular Science established
Apr. 1997 Laser Research Center for Molecular Science established
Research Center for Molecular Materials established (-March 2002)
Apr. 2000 Research facilities (Okazaki Institute for Integrative Bioscience
(-March 2018) and Research Center for Computational Science)
Apr. 2002 Research Center for Molecular-scale Nanoscience established
(-March 2013)
Apr. 2004 National Institutes of Natural Sciences founded as one of
the four Inter-University Research Institute Corporations
Apr. 2007 7 Departments recognized to 4 Departments
Instrument Center re-established
Apr. 2013 Research Center of Integrative Molecular Systems established
Apr. 2017 Center for Mesoscopic Sciences established
Apr. 2018

Exploratory Research Center on Life and Living Systems established

(National Institutes of Natural Sciences)

Apr. 2021 Technical and Engineering Department established