Family and Children

If your family comes to Okazaki with you, you may need following information.

Family's visit

After a foreign national who has a valid status of residence entered Japan, when his/her family enters and stays in Japan, an application for status of residence (Dependant) is necessary. A foreign national who has a valid status of residence must apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (Dependant) on behalf of his/her family at the local office of the Immigration Bureau under the jurisdiction of the area in which he/she resides.

    Necessary Documents
  • Application for Certificate of Eligibility (Available for download from the Immigration Bureau's website)
  • Applicant's photo (4cm x 3cm, taken within 6 months)
  • A return addressed envelope with stamp (A self-addressed standard envelope with postage (for simplified registered mail))
  • Documents certifying the personal relationship between the person concerned and the person who is to support him/her (For example, marriage certificate, birth certificate, certificate of acceptance of marriage registration, duplicate of family register)
  • Copies of the residence card (including the Certificate of Alien Registration which is deemed to be equivalent to the residence card) or passport of the person who is to support the person concerned.
  • Documents certifying the profession and income of the person who is to support the person concerned (For example, certificate of acceptance, certificate of employment)


Here is a list of subsidies to Families with Children

A) Providing a lump sum allowance for childbirth and nursing
If the expectant mother or her spouse is a member of a public health insurance in Japan, a lump sum allowance for childbirth and nursing will be provided. (Application is necessary.)

B) Health checks and vaccinations (Free of charge)
When you submit the birth registration, the ward office will then mail a notification, so please have the health check or vaccination at the designated medical office or place.

C) Child Allowance
If a family who is registered has a child 12 and under, a ward office may provide child allowance to the guardian. (Application is necessary, and there is an income limitation) For details, please contact your local government office.

D) Infants'and Children's Medical Expenses Aid System
Some families who join the public health insurance scheme in Japan may be provided aid for infants' medical expenses (hospital admission or visit) from the local government. In Okazaki, the medical expense aid is valid until the end of fiscal year when your child becomes 15.


Nursery Schools and Kindergartens
Preschool education in Japan can be devided into two types, nursery schools and kindergartens. Nursery schools are run under jurisdiction of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, while kindergartens under jurisdiction of MEXT (Ministry of Education、Culture、Sports、Science and Technology). In nursery schools, infants and children before entering the elementary schools can be cared for. Children aged 3-5 can enter the kindergartens. You may visit a nursery school or kindergalten to enroll yor child. In addition, our institute has "Sakura Hoikuen" nursery school in Myodaiji campus for staff's children.

The system of Japanes education has elementary (age 6 - 12), junior high (12 - 15), high (15 - 18) schools and universities (18 -). Elementary and junior high schools are mandatory and basically free of charge. Japanese school year begins in April. The entrance formalities of mandatory educations can be done at municipal offices.

Japanese class
Libra (Okazaki Library) Japanese Class:

Resource room for overseas schoolchildren, Aichi University of Education (Japanese)

Pregnancy and Delivery

When a baby is born in Japan, you need to go through the following procedures:

A) Register the birth promptly (i.e., within 14 days of the birth, however, early registration is recommended in consideration of his/her passport application, etc.) at your local government office along with a birth certificate which is issued by the hospital where he/she was delivered. If you file an application for the proof of birth registration, it will be issued in one hour. Note: Upon registration, the baby's name is also to be registered. Please prepare in advance his/her name in alphabet (English), katakana (Japanese) and the notation in your own language.

B) After the birth has been registered, his/her residence certificate will be prepared as a "person who may continue to stay in Japan by birth" in the place of residence.

C) You should contact an embassy or a consulate of your own country and apply to obtain his/her passport.

D) For a baby who was born in Japan from a mother and father of foreign nationality, it is required to apply for a permission to acquire a status of residence ("Dependent") within 30 days from the date of birth at the Immigration Bureau. The proof of birth registration, passports and residence certificates of the parents are needed for the application. With regard to the application for status of residence, please make inquiries to the Immigration Bureau in advance and confirm the necessary procedures, etc. .

E) After his/her residence card has been issued, please go to your local government office and have your place of residence registered. In addition, you should also promptly add the baby to your public health insurance in Japan.