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Molecule is a fundamental unit of materials, origin to form their properties and functions. Molecular function ranges in variety of systems, from individual molecules to molecules in the cosmos, in biology systems and in man made devices. Objective of Molecular Science is to understand such molecular functions, and to highly utilize molecular systems that are essential for chemistry, materials and biological science of today.

Since its establishment, Institute for Molecular Science (IMS) has been and is playing a role as a center of excellence to lead the research activity of molecular science from both theoretical and experimental points of view. This was only available due to the support from the community of related research fields.  IMS will continue the relationship maintaining the function as a comprehensive joint-use laboratory, providing a place of joint-research for the community, and exchanging researchers through domestic and international relationship. Of the most, IMS will keep providing opportunities for young talented scientists with the aim of fostering to become leaders in their fields.

Current IMS consists of 4 research departments, Department of Theoretical and Computational Molecular Science, Photo-Molecular Science, Materials Molecular Science, and Life and Coordination-Complex Molecular Science. In addition, Research Center of Integrative Molecular Systems is a playground for interdisciplinary collaboration between departments towards understanding complicated molecular-hierarchy systems, and newly settled Center of Mesoscopic Science is meant to strongly promoting the methodological and functional studies of molecular systems.  The latter two centers are connecting departments as the additional core for the basic research. IMS is responsible for the operations of 5 open-use research facilities including UVSOR Facility, and promoting fundamental molecular science based on solving structure of molecules, reaction and their functions. 

IMS continues to challenge pioneering new fields of Molecular Science. IMS contributes to Okazaki Institute for Integrative Bioscience, integrating the potential of three institutes in Okazaki (NIBB, NIPS, and IMS) to foster new trends in bioscience research. Keeping its foundation on basic research, IMS will proceed to challenge and lead the frontier of Molecular Science. In order to stand at the frontier, IMS will continue to develop methodology and technology for advanced measurements.

IMS will continue to be a global Center of Excellence in Molecular Science and simultaneously foster young talented scientists to lead the science community.