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Pregnancy, Delivery

When a baby is born in Japan, you need to go through the following procedures:
A) Register the birth promptly (i.e., within 14 days of the birth, however, early registration is recommended in consideration of his/her passport application, etc.) at your local government office along with a birth certificate which is issued by the hospital where he/she was delivered. If you file an application for the proof of birth registration, it will be issued in one hour. Note: Upon registration, the baby’s name is also to be registered. Please prepare in advance his/her name in alphabet (English), katakana (Japanese) and the notation in your own language.
B) After the birth has been registered, his/her residence certificate will be prepared as a “person who may continue to stay in Japan by birth” in the place of residence.
C) You should contact an embassy or a consulate of your own country and apply to obtain his/her passport.
D) For a baby who was born in Japan from a mother and father of foreign nationality, it is required to apply for a permission to acquire a status of residence (“Dependent”) within 30 days from the date of birth at the Immigration Bureau. The proof of birth registration, passports and residence certificates of the parents are needed for the application. With regard to the application for status of residence, please make inquiries to the Immigration Bureau in advance and confirm the necessary procedures, etc. .
E) After his/her residence card has been issued, please go to your local government office and have your place of residence registered.
In addition, you should also promptly add the baby to your public health insurance in Japan.