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Student Consultation

The two departments at IMS provide consultations to support students. Students who would like to have consultation on their various concerns can contact faculty listed below.

Contact to Professors  * "at" →@

AONO, Shigetoshi        Location: Yamate    (0564-59-5575)  aono"at"ims.ac.jp

YOKOYAMA, Toshihiko  Location: Myoudaiji  (0564-55-7345)  yokoyama"at"ims.ac.jp

OKUMURA, Hisashi       Location: Myoudaiji  (0564-55-7277)  hokumura"at"ims.ac.jp

UOZUMI, Yasuhiro       Location: Yamate      (0564-59-5570)  uo"at"ims.ac.jp

MOMIYAMA, Norie       Location: Yamate      (0564-59-5531)  momiyama"at"ims.ac.jp

FUJI, Takao                 Location: Myoudaiji   (0564-55-7339)  fuji"at"ims.ac.jp


Chairs of Departments

Students could contact directly to each Department Chair.   * "at" →@

Chair of Department of Structural Molecular Science
AONO, Shigetoshi        Location: Yamate    (0564-59-5575)  aono"at"ims.ac.jp

Chair of Department of Functional Molecular Science
KAWAI, Maki               Location: Myodaiji  (0564-55-7103)  maki"at"ims.ac.jp