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Technical and Engineering Department

For scientific progress it is essential to have strong collaboration and sufficient communication among scientists, clerical, and technical staff. Advanced research is never accomplished without technical support such as the development, operation, and maintenance of experimental apparatuses and infrastructures. In order to conduct advanced studies in the research field of molecular science, IMS has a "Technical and Engineering Department" and a "Research Enhancement Strategy Office".


Technical and Engineering Department (TED)

All technical staff at IMS belong to the Technical and Engineering Department (TED). IMS offers collaborators a unique array of support services. A group of engineers and technicians technically support not only scientists outside from IMS but also inhouse scientists.

The technical division of IMS (TD-IMS) was initially organized in 1975 as the first organization of technical staff in Japan to support both in-house and outside scientists technically. Over time, the number of personnel with high levels of technical skills in TD-IMS increased dramatically, and the division outgrew its organization system. Consequently, the TD-IMS has been reorganized as the "Technical and Engineering Department" since April 1st 2021.

The TED operates directly under the director general of IMS, and consists of four Units (Optical Engineering Unit, Computing and Information Technology Unit, Equipment Development Unit, and Instrumental Analysis Unit), as well as staff members taking charge of safety, facilities, and publicity activities. Each unit has a unit leader, who manages the unit staff.