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Voice from Alumni | Impressions of IMS

Impressions of IMS by Foreign Researchers

These articles are from "IMS Letters"

Name Title No. Issue month
Elham Salehi Impression on Okazaki and IMS 85 2022年3月
Sylvain DE LESELEUC Okazaki through the eyes of a Frenchy


March 2021
Arvydas Kausas My life in Okazaki 81 March 2020
Suwilai Chaveanghong Impression on Okazaki and IMS 80 September 2019
Nguyen Thanh Phuc My first year at IMS 79 March 2019
Martin Kotora 78 September 2018
Matthias Meissner Working and living in Okazaki 77 March 2018
Rakesh Bhandari untitled 67 March 2013
Biman Bagchi Japan Diary 66 September 2012
MUKHERJEE, Debashis Impressions of my stay in IMS last year 65 March 2012
Osman Murat Ozkendir Japan Diary 64 September 2011
Pascal Loiseau A sizzling summer in Japan, in IMS 63 February 2011
Dah-Yen Yang IMS impression 61 February 2010
Giorgi Veshapidze Impression on Okazaki and IMS 60 September 2009
Shie-Ming Peng My Revisit of IMS 59 February 2009
Lubomir Iordanov PAVLOV From 1999 to 2008: Collaboration is the Best, Namely in IMS 58 August 2008
Yanli Mao Good memories of the Institute for Molecular Science 58 August 2008
Nirmalya Kumar Chaki My memorable two years in IMS 57 May 2008
Hojun IM Wonderful research and experience in Okazaki 57 May 2008
Jean-Christophe DELAGNES From 2005 to 2007:two flourishing years 56 August 2007
Suleyman Allakhverdiev Wonderful experience and research in Okazaki 55 February 2007
Wen-Ping WANG Wonderful experience in Okazaki 55 February 2007