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Outline of Graduate Program

Graduate School at IMS

Institute for Molecular Science (IMS) is one of the leading research institutes for natural science. For graduate education, IMS has two departments of The Graduate University of Advanced Studies [SOKENDAI];

・Department of Structural Molecular Science
・Department of Functional Molecular Science

Molecular Science: Interdisciplinary Studies in Chemistry, Physics, Materials, and Bioscience

The graduate education at IMS focuses on the molecular sciences.  For the interdisciplinary approach to the molecular sciences, IMS has strong faculty in broad fields, including chemical sciences, physical sciences, and biosciences.  Each graduate student can study molecular science under guidance of those faculty members.  

IMS is especially strong in the following areas:

・Photochemistry and photophysics
・Materials science  
・Coordination chemistry and catalysis
・Biochemistry and biophysics
・Theoretical and computational molecular science


Graduate Education Programs

In the 1st and 2nd years of the 5-year doctoral course, the programs emphasize general science education that featured the theme of ”science and society”, and recommends students to take common subjects which are relevant to all departments. At the same time, the program offers its original subject, so called “Special Study on Physical Sciences”. As common subjects, each department offers lectures on Elementary physics, some of which are now being provided as e-learning contents. Scientific English education is also included therein. “Special Study on Physical Sciences” consists of laboratory rotation program at three (for the School of Physical Sciences) or two (for the School of High Energy Accelerator Science) laboratories lasting about one month each. By providing such opportunities, the program seeks to help students develop extensive knowledge on physical sciences and high degree of professional quality as well as to help them prepare for the education in their 3rd to 5th years of the 5-year doctoral course.

  1. Basic Course (standard course)
  2. The Advanced research course (studying abroad for 3 months)
  3. Project research course (plan, develop, and execute large-scale research projects)
  4. Development Research Course (internship at a company)

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