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Daily Life | Medical care and Emergency

When you or your family feel sick, please refer to this page. This includes information in case of emergency, fire, earthquake and accident.

Doctor's office

There are general hospitals, specialist hospitals, and private hospitals in Japan. You first go to the reception desk and present your National Health Insurance card and then you need to wait until you are called after taking answering the medical interview sheet. When you finished seeing a doctor and getting treatment, you should pay at the reception desk and get your medication. In some hospitals, a prescription will be given so that you should go to the designated dispensing pharmacy and have your medicine prepared. Making an appointment will result in less waiting time.
There are hospitals in each area where an interpreter is dispatched through local authorities or a checkup is provided in a foreign language. Please make sure to inquire available languages and date and time in advance.


List of Doctor's office in which services are available in English (just for reference):

Internal Medicine
Matsushita Internal Medicine Clinic
Hirakoh General Internal Medicine Clinic

(Orthopedic) Surgery
Washimi orthopaedics clinic

Nabeta Dental Clinic

Gynecological problem (Vaccination for baby)
Kato Ladies Clinic

Miyashita Eye Clinic

Pediatrics (Vaccination for children)
Mizuno Child Clinic 
*Please call and inform the reception of a symptom of your child beforhand.


Practical Guide to Living in Okazaki (in Okazaki International Association web page) :


General Hospital and ER

General Hospital
Okazaki City Hospital (Japanese)

Emergency Phone Number (Toll Free)
Crime, car accident, etc. 110 (Koban, police station)
Fire, Ambulance 119 (Fire station)

Earthquake Early Warning (EEW)
"The Earthquake Early Warning system provides advance announcement of the estimated seismic intensities and expected arrival time of principal motion. These estimations are based on prompt analysis of the focus and magnitude of the earthquake using wave form data observed by seismographs near the epicenter.
The Earthquake Early Warning is aimed at mitigating earthquake-related damage by allowing countermeasures such as promptly slowing down trains, controlling elevators to avoid danger and enabling people to quickly protect themselves in various environments such as factories, offices, houses and near cliffs." Quoted from Japan Meteorological Agency web page (shown below)

In IMS, EEW public announcement system is equipped. You may suddenly hear the announcement of EEW, "Kinkyu Jishin Sokuho" in Japanese.