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International Collaboration

Constructing a World-wide Research Network

IMS has accepted many foreign scientists and hosted numerous international conferences since its establishment and is now universally recognized as a leading institute that promotes firm international collaborations. In 2004, IMS initiated a new program to further promote international collaboration. As a part of this new program, IMS has been promoting the IMS International Internship Program for Foreign Graduate Students and the IMS International Fellowship Program for Young Foreign Researchers, through several foreign nominating institutions and universities. IMS has been also promoting the collaboration and exchange among IMS and core Asian institutions, ICCAS (China), KAIST (Korea), and IAMS (Taiwan), with a view to developing a new frontier in the molecular sciences and to foster the next generation of leading researchers, which was initially sponsored by JSPS Asian CORE Program (2006-2010) and succeeded as an IMS original program (2011-).

IMS International Internship Program Scholarship

IMS International Internship Program (IMS-IIP) provides the opportunity for graduate students and young researchers from our MOU partners in Asia to stay in the laboratories related to the basic research for environmental and energy problems for 1-6 months. Through the experience, we encourage them to continue the basic research in their own countries as well as to build up the future collaboration.

The scholarship covers:
1) Round trip airfare (An airport of departure - Nagoya International Airport [NGO])
2) Accommodation and Utility cost
3) Daily expenses: 2,000 JPY/day
* A health insurance and an accident insurance are not included in the supports.
We would like to ask to apply for the travel accident insurance by oneself before visit to IMS.

Invitation term:
Total invitation term is 6 months per MOU partner.
If one person joins IMS-IIP, the invitation term is 6 months.
If two persons join IMS-IIP, the invitation term is 1-5 months per person.
(For example: 3months per person or 2 months + 4 months or 1 month + 5 months)

Research fields:
At IMS we have five areas of research:
  Theoretical and Computational Molecular Science
  Photo-Molecular Science
  Materials Molecular Science
  Life- and Coordination-Complex Molecular Science
  Research Center of Integrative Molecular Systems
  Center for Mesoscopic Sciences