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Course-by-Course Education Program

The Course-by-Course Education Program (hereafter called “the Program”) is provided jointly by the School of Physical Sciences and the School of High Energy Accelerator Science. It seeks to foster researchers in the field of physical sciences who are fully equipped with a high degree of professional qualities as well as broad perspective and international competence, so as to meet the needs of society.

This program aims at accelerating the substantiation of the university’s education, and fostering researchers in the field of physical sciences who have high abilities in comprehensiveness, own specialization, planning, development, and are internationally competent with broad perspectives.

In the 1st to 2nd years of the 5-year doctoral course, the Program focuses on building basic academic skills at the graduate school level. Subsequently, in the 3rd to 5th years of the 5-year doctoral course students are placed according to their aptitude into one of the following four courses: Basic Course, Advanced Research Course, Project Research Course (available only in the School of Physical Sciences), and Development Research Course (available only in the School of Physical Sciences). This more focused education allows them to pursue their respective goals. The many research projects being conducted at the research facilities where our graduate students have been placed are among the most advanced researches in the world, and include large-scale research projects as well as joint projects with private sectors. Our Course-by-Course Education Program is designed to create an educational opportunity that utilizes these outstanding research environments. On top of all that, students in the program can take advantage of the benefits e-learning programs offer.

  1. Basic Course (standard course)
  2. The Advanced research course (studying abroad for 3 months)
  3. Project research course (plan, develop, and execute large-scale research projects)
  4. Development Research Course (internship at a company)