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Instrument Center


This center is established in 2007 combining the general-purpose instruments of the Research center for molecular-scale nanoscience and Laser research center for molecular science. The main instruments are NMR, mass spectrometer, powder X-ray diffractometer, circular dichroic spectrometer in Yamate campus, and ESR, SQUID magnetometer, powder and single-crystal diffractometers, variable wave length picosecond laser system, fluorescence spectrophotometer, UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer in Myodaiji campus. We mainly support a general-use experiment, and we often support a special experiment with combining lasers and general-purpose machines. We provide liquid nitrogen and liquid helium using helium liquefiers. We also support the inter-univercity network for common utilization of research equipments.

CCD X-ray diffractometer.
High-frequency ESR spectrometer.