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Life and Coordination-Complex Molecular Science Iino Group

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Location: Yamate, No.2 Bldg. 4F east
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Molecular Machines, Protein Engineering, Single-Molecule Analysis

Operation and Design Principles of Biological Molecular Machines

Activity of life is supported by molecular machines made of proteins1). Protein molecular machines are far superior to synthetic molecular machines in many aspects. We elucidate operation and design principles of protein molecular machines.

1. Understand biomolecular machines: Molecular motors are representative of the protein molecular machines. Molecular motors generate mechanical forces and torques driving unidirectional motions from the energy of chemical reaction or the potential energy. We are studying linear2)-4) and rotary motors5), 6). Especially, we focus on new molecular motors such as chitinase2), cellulase3), and V-ATPase5), 6).

2. Engineer biomolecular machines: Many biomolecular machines have similar structures, implying same evolutional origin. AAA+ family is one of the representatives7). Rotary molecular motor VATPase also belongs to this family8). Interestingly, the AAA+ molecular machines show wide variety of functions. We engineer non-natural biomolecular machines with new functions9), 10).

3. Investigate functions and structures of biomolecular machines: Our study is based on state-of-the-art single-molecule techniques11), 12). We are developing new single-molecule methods such as high-speed and high-localization precision measurements with plasmonic nanoprobes4)-6), 11), 13). We also determine crystal structures of biomolecular machines by X-ray crystallography.


Protein molecular machines

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