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Photo-Molecular Science Kera Group

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Location: Myoudaiji, Main Office Bldg. Room216
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Photoelectron Spectroscopy, Molecular Film, Electronic State

Electronic Property of Functional Organic Materials

Functional organic materials (FOM) have recently attracted considerable attention both for fundamental research and device applications because of peculiar properties not found in inorganics and small molecules. However the mechanisms and its origin of various device characteristics are still under debate. Scientific mysteries would be raised because people have believed that electronic structure of FOM would be conserved as in an isolated molecule for solid phases due to van der Waals interaction. To reveal characteristics of FOM the key investigation would be on precise experiments on the electronic structure at various interfaces, including organic–organic and organic–inorganic (metal/semiconductor) contacts. In these systems, the impacts of weak interaction on the electronic structure would be appeared as small intensity modulation of photoelectron-emission fine features depending on adsorption and aggregation on the surface. By recent development in the instrumental we can assess hidden fine structures in the electronic states, e.g. electron–phonon coupling, quasi-particle states, very small gap-state DOS, weak band dispersion and dynamic electronic polarization. To elucidate what really happens for the FOM at the interface upon weak interaction, an evaluation on the wave-function spread of the electronic states would be very important because the interface states for the physisorbed systems are described to be a delocalized molecular orbital state depending on the strength of weak electronic coupling (hybridization). Seeing a modification of electron wave function upon weak electronic coupling as well as strong electron–phonon coupling is central issue on our agenda.



Figure 1. Scheme of a rich assortment in the structure of functional molecular materials and variety in the spectral feature of ultraviolet photoelectron spectrum (UPS) for the HOMO band taken for various structural phases (gas-phase, lying monolayers, standing monolayer, and disordered film).

Selected Publications

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