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Materials Molecular Science Nishimura Group

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Location: Myoudaiji, Main Laboratory Bldg. Room318
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Solid State NMR, Biomolecules, Developments

Solid-State NMR for Molecular Science

In order to elucidate functions of molecules, characterizations of the molecules are essential. There are varieties of important molecules, which are insoluble to any solvents and functional at amorphous state. Solid-state NMR enables to obtain variety of information at atomic resolution without damages of molecules and significant restrictions. Thus, solid-state NMR is one of the essential tools for the characterizations of those molecules.

We have been working for methodology developments of solid-state NMR such as the analyses of error factors of precise distance measurements1), the developments of techniques for sensitivity enhancement without sample heating2) and 2D correlation techniques to obtain orientational information of molecules3). In addition, as studies for structural biology, we have been working for functional and structural characterizations of membrane proteins and peptides such as +H channel from influenza virus A4), a peripheral membrane protein of phospholipase C-δ1 PH domain5), and amyloid-β oligomers induced on lipid membranes6). Furthermore, as studies for material science, we have been working for characterizations of variety of molecular materials such as silk7), and supramolecules based on synthetic polymers8) through collaborations with several research groups.


Outline of our studies.

Selected Publications

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