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Photo-Molecular Science Tanaka Group

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Location: Myoudaiji, UVSOR Synchrotron Facility, Room302
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Strongly Correlated Electron System, Synchrotron Light, Photoemission

Angle-Resolved Photoemission Study on Strongly Correlated Electron Materials

Strongly correlated electron materials has attracted more attentions in the last few decades because of their unusual and fascinating properties such as high-Tc superconductivity, giant magnetoresistance, heavy fermion and so on. Those unique properties can offer a route toward the next-generation devices. We investigate the mechanism of the physical properties as well as the electronic structure of those materials by using angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES), a powerful tool in studying the electronic structure of complex materials, based on synchrotron radiation.


High energy resolution angle-resolved photoemission
spectroscopy beamline BL7U at UVSOR synchrotron.

Selected Publications

  1. K. Tanaka, W.S. Lee, D.H. Lu, A. Fujimori, T. Fujii, Risdiana, I. Terasaki, D.J. Scalapino, T.P. Devereaux, Z. Hussain, Z.-X. Shen, “Distinct Fermi-momentum-dependent energy gaps in deeply underdoped Bi2212.” Science, 314, 1910-1913, 2006. 
  2. W.S. Lee, I.M. Vishik, K. Tanaka, D.H. Lu, T. Sasagawa, N. Nagaosa, T.P. Devereaux, Z. Hussain, Z.-X. Shen, “Abrupt onset of a second energy gap at the superconducting transition of underdoped Bi2212.” Nature, 450, 81-84, 2007.