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AONO, Shigetoshi

TEL: 0564-59-5575
FAX: 0564-59-5576
Mail: aono_at_ims.ac.jp (Please replace the "_at_" with @ )
Affiliation laboratory:
Location: Yamate, No.2 Bldg.3F east Room3


Exploratory Research Center on Life and Living Systems, Department of Creative Research

Life and Coordination-Complex Molecular Science, Biomolecular Functions (adjunct)
Research Center of Integrative Molecular Systems, Division of Biomolecular Systems (adjunct)


1982 B.S. Tokyo Institute of Technology
1987 Ph.D. Tokyo Institute of Technology
1988 Postdoctoral Fellow, Georgia University
1989 Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1994 Assistant Professor, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
2002 Professor, Okazaki Institute for Integrative Bioscience (-2018.3)
         Professor, Institute for Molecular Science
        Professor, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies
2018 Professor, Exploratory Research Center on Life and Living Systems

Main research themes

Bioinorganic Chemistry of Metalloproteins Responsible for Signal Transduction
kewords Bioinorganic Chemistry, Metalloproteins, Sensor Protein
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Selected Publications

  1. “Protein Dynamics of the Sensor Protein HemAT as Probed by Time-Resolved Step-Scan FTIR Spectroscopy,” A. Pavlou, H. Yoshimura, S. Aono, E. Pinakoulaki, Biophys. J. 114, 584-591 (2018).
  2. “Probing the role of the heme distal and proximal environment in ligand dynamics in the signal transducer protein HemAT by time-resolved step-scan FTIR and  resonance Raman spectroscopy,” A. Pavlou, A. Loullis, H. Yoshimura, S. Aono, E. Pinakoulaki, Biochemistry, 56, 5309-5317 (2017). 
  3. “Structural characterization of heme environmental mutants of CgHmuT that shuttles heme molecules to heme transporters,” N. Muraki, C. Kitatsugi, M. Ogura, T. Uchida, K. Ishimori, S. Aono, Int. J. Mol. Sci.17, 829 (10pages) (2016).
  4. “Structural Basis for Heme Recognition by HmuT Responsible for Heme Transport to the Heme Transporter in Corynebacterium glutamicum,” N. Muraki, S. Aono, Chem. Lett.45, 24-26 (2015).
  5. “Heme-binding properties of HupD functioning as a substrate-binding protein in a heme-uptake ABC-transporter system in Listeria monocytogenes,” Y. Okamoto, H.
    Sawai, M. Ogura, T. Uchida, K. Ishimori, T. Hayashi, S. Aono, Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn.87, 1140-1146 (2014).
  6. “The Dos family of globin-related sensors using PAS domains to accommodate haem acting as the active site for sensing external signals,” S. Aono, Adv. Microbial Physiol.63, 273-327 (2013).