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TEL: 0564-55-7334
E-Mail : (Please replace the "_at_" with @ )
Location: Myoudaiji, South Laboratory Bldg. Room304

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Research Center of Integrative Molecular Systems, Division of Functional Molecular Systems
Department of Materials Molecular Science, Electronic Properties (Concurrent Position)


1993 B.S. The University of Tokyo
1998 Ph.D. The University of Tokyo
1998 Research Associate, Gakushuin University
1999 Special postdoctoral fellow, RIKEN
2000 Research Scientist, RIKEN
2007 Senior Research Scientist, RIKEN
2012 Professor, Institute for Molecular Science
        Professor, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies
2012 Visiting Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology (-2019.3)
2014 Equipment Development Center Director
2015 Visiting Professor, Tohoku University (-2020.3)


2009 RSC Publishing CrystEngComm Prize    
2009 Japan Society for Molecular Science, Young Scientist Awards    
2020 The NAGAI Foundation for Science & Technology Academic Award

Main research themes

Open up Future Electronics by Organic Molecules
kewords Molecular Conductors, Organic Superconducting Transistors, Supramolecular Nanowires, Organic spintronics
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Selected Publications

  1. M. Suda, Y. Thathong, V. Promarak, H. Kojima, M. Nakamura, T. Shiraogawa, M. Ehara and H. M. Yamamoto “Light-driven Molecular Switch for Reconfigurable Spin Filters” Nature Commun., 10, 2455 (2019).
  2. M. Suda, R. Kato, and H. M. Yamamoto "Light-induced superconductivity using a photo-active electric double layer" Science, 347, 743-746 (2015).
  3. H. M. Yamamoto, M. Nakano, M. Suda, Y. Iwasa, M. Kawasaki and R. Kato
    "A strained organic field-effect transistor with a gate-tunable superconducting channel" Nature Commun4, 2379/1–2379/7 (2013)