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IMS Symposium

Lecture Title "Architecture, dynamics, and functionality of molecular biosystems"
Date Monday 30 March 2015 13:30 to Tuesday 31 March 2015 12:10

Room 201, Research Building, Institute for Molecular Science (IMS), Okazaki, Japan



March 30th, 2015
13:30-13:35 Opening remarks
13:35-14:20 Klaus Schulten (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
Long-time and large-size MD studies of Rho helicase, HIV capsid and a photosynthetic organelle
14:20-14:50 Susumu Okazaki (Nagoya University, Japan)
A molecular dynamics calculation study of poliovirus empty capsids in solution


15:10-15:40 Akio Kitao (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Membrane deformation induced by proteins
15:40-16:10 Ryota Iino (Institute for Molecular Science, Japan)
Single-molecule imaging analysis of rotary and linear motor proteins
16:10-16:30 Break
16:30-17:00 Nobuyasu Koga (Institute for Molecular Science, Japan)
Design of protein molecules from scratch
17:00-17:30 Shigehiko Hayashi (Kyoto University, Japan)
Crucial role of protein flexibility in enzymatic catalysis


March 31th, 2015

9:30-10:15 Zaida Luthey-Schulten
(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
Simulations of cellular processes: from single cells to colonies
10:15-10:45 Tamiki Komatsuzaki (Hokkaido University, Japan)
Energy landscapes derived from single molecule spectroscopy and complex networks
10:45-11:05 Break
11:05-11:35 Masaki Sasai (Nagoya University, Japan)
Epigenetic dynamics of eukaryotic gene regulation
11:35-12:05 Shoji Takada (Kyoto University, Japan)
Computational approach to chromatin structure and transcriptional regulation

Closing remarks



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