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The 899th IMS colloquium

Lecture Title "Two Dimensional Ultrafast Spectroscopic Studies of Materials and Biological Systems"
This colloquium will be held also as a Morino lecture.
Date Monday 13 March 2017 16:00 to 16:55
Lecturer Prof. Graham R. Fleming
(Department of Chemistry and Kavli Energy Nanoscience Institute, University of California, Berkeley)

Institute for Molecular Science, Research Building, Seminar Room # 201


Two – dimensional infrared and two – dimensional electronic spectroscopies are well developed techniques that have provided many new insights into materials as well as biological and chemical systems. In this talk I will describe a new technique – two – dimensional electronic – vibrational spectroscopy (2DEV). 2DEV spectroscopy enables correlation of the evolution of the nuclear degrees of freedom with the electronic evolution. Vibration frequencies can also provide local site “tagging” creating the potential to map evolution in energy space into evolution in real space. Applications of 2DEV spectroscopy to chemical and biological systems will be described along with recent studies of photovoltaic and low dimensional materials via two – dimensional electronic spectroscopy.

For more information: The 899th IMS colloquium


Contact: Shinji Saito (Theoretical and Computational Molecular Science)
Ryota Iino & Takeshi Yanai
(IMS colloquium FY2016 committee)