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Associate Professor

TEL: 0564-59-5531
E-Mail : (Please replace the "_at_" with @ )
Location: Yamate, No.4 Bldg. 5F. Room501

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Life and Coordination-Complex Molecular Science, Complex Catalysis


2000 B.S. Nagoya University
2005 Ph.D. The University of Chicago
2005 Postdoctoral Fellow, Harverd University
2006 Assistant Professor, Tohoku University
2014 Associate Professor, Institute for Molecular Science
        Associate Professor, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies


2003 The Elizabeth R. Norton Prize for Excellence in Research in Chemistry, University of Chicago
2004 Abbott Laboratories Graduate Fellowship
2005 Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Post Doctoral Research Fellowship
2008 Thieme Chemistry Journals Award
2014 The 17th Morita Science Research Award Central Glass Co., Ltd. Award in Organic Chemistry, Japan

Main research themes

Design and Synthesis of Chiral Organic Molecules for Asymmetric Synthesis
kewords Organic Synthesis, Molecular Catalyst, Non-Covalent Interaction
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Selected Publications

  1. C. Jongwohan, Y. Honda, T. Suzuki, T. Fujinami, K. Adachi, N. Momiyama, “Brønsted Acid-Initiated Formal [1,3]-Rearrangement Dictated by β-Substituted Ene-Aldimines” Org. Lett. 21, 4991-4995 (2019).
  2. N. Momiyama, H. Tabuse, H. Noda, M. Yamanaka, T. Fujinami, K. Yamanishi, A. Izumiseki, K. Funayama, F. Egawa, S. Okada, H. Adachi, M. Terada, “Molecular Design of a Chiral Brønsted Acid with Two Different Acidic Sites: Regio-, Diastereo-, and Enantioselective Hetero-Diels-Alder Reaction of Azopyridinecarboxylate with Amidodienes Catalyzed by Chiral Carboxylic Acid-Monophosphoric Acid” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 138, 11353-11359 (2016).
  3. N. Momiyama, H. Okamoto, J. Kikuchi, T. Korenaga, M. Terada, “Perfluorinated Aryls in the Design of Chiral Brønsted Acid Catalysts: Catalysis of Enantioselective [4+2] Cycloadditions and Ene- Reactions of Imines with Alkenes by Chiral Mono-Phosphoric Acids with Perfluoroaryls” ACS Catal. 6, 1198-1204 (2016).
  4. N. Momiyama, K. Funayama, H. Noda, M. Yamanaka, N. Akasaka, S. Ishida, T. Iwamoto, M. Terada, “Hydrogen Bonds-Enabled Design of a C1-Symmetric Chiral Brønsted Acid Catalyst” ACS Catal. 6, 949-956 (2016).
  5. N. Momiyama, T. Narumi, M. Terada, “Design of a Brønsted Acid with Two Different Acidic Sites: Synthesis and Application of Aryl Phosphinic Acid-Phosphoric Acid as a Brønsted Acid Catalyst” Chem. Commun. 51, 16976-16979 (2015).

  6.  N. Momiyama, T. Konno, Y. Furiya, T. Iwamoto, M. Terada, “Design of Chiral Bis-phosphoric Acid Catalyst Derived from (R)-3,3’-Di(2-hydroxy-3-arylphenyl) binaphthol: Catalytic Enantioselective Diels-Alder Reaction of α,β-Unsaturated Aldehydes with Amidodienes” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 133, 19294-19297 (2011).

  7. N. Momiyama, M. W. Kanan, D. R. Liu, “Synthesis of Acyclic α,β-Unsaturated Ketones via Pd(II)-Catalyzed Intermolecular Reaction of Alkynamides and Alkenes” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 129, 2230-2231 (2007).