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マハムド エメディ イクバル / MAHMOOD, Md Iqbal

TEL: 0564-55-7303
メールアドレス: iqbal_at_ims.ac.jp(_at_ は@に置き換えて下さい)
場所: 明大寺キャンパス 南実験棟


理論・計算分子科学領域 理論・計算分子科学研究部門


2005 B.Sc. (Computer Science and Engineering) International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh.
2009 M.Sc. (Computer Engineering) Politecnico di Milano University (Como Campus), Italy.
2013 Ph.D. Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, department of Physical Chemistry, Chiba University, Japan. MEXT/MONBUKAGAKUSHO scholarship (Japan) during Ph.D
2013 Postdoctoral Fellow, Tokyo University, Japan.
2016 Research Fellow, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan.
2018 Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Molecular Sciences, Okazaki, Japan.


Computational biology is concerned with the modeling and simulation of biological phenomena, processes and systems. Modeling refers to the process that creates a model representing some important features of a biological system
キーワード Molecular Dynamics Simulation


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