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演 題 「ATP-dependent gating modulation of the Mg2+ channel MgtE for Mg2+ homeostasis」
日 時 2017年03月28日(火) 16:00 より 17:30 まで
講演者 服部素之 教授 (復旦大学・生命科学学院)
場 所

分子科学研究所 研究棟201号室

概 要

The Mg2+ ion is an essential element for numerous physiological processes, and Mg2+ homeostasis is a crucial mechanism for sustaining life. MgtE is a Mg2+ selective channel  widely distributed in all domains of life, and is involved in the maintenance of intracellular Mg2+ homeostasis. Previously reported crystal structures and electrophysiological analyses suggested the intracellular Mg2+-dependent gating mechanism of MgtE. However, in the previously reports, the threshold of intracellular Mg2+ for the channel inactivation was between 5-10 mM, which is much higher than the physiological intracellular Mg2+ concentration. Therefore, this discrepancy implied the existence of additional regulatory factors for the Mg2+-dependent gating of MgtE under physiological conditions.

Here, I will show that ATP binds to the cytosolic domain of MgtE and that a combination of biochemical, electrophysiological, genetics and structural analyses shows that ATP is a regulatory factor of MgtE that switches the channel gating mode for Mg2+ homeostasis.

 I will also briefly introduce the present situation of science in China.



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