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演 題 「Rydberg enabled quantum technologies」
日 時 2017年04月14日(金) 16:00
講演者 Prof. Dieter Jaksch
(Department of Physics, University of Oxford)
場 所

分子科学研究所 研究棟2階 201号室

概 要

I will discuss recent progress in exploiting the unique properties of Rydberg atoms in quantum technologies. I will first show how controllable and strong dipole-dipole interactions between Rydberg excited atoms can be used in quantum simulations of few- and many-body physics in the strongly correlated limit. The experimental state-of-the-art makes it possible now to think about extending these ideas to fully coherent quantum annealing devices that would be capable of efficiently solving computationally hard optimization problems. I will then present a scheme for coherent frequency interconversion between optical and microwave radiation. This is based on the large dipole moment and life-time of a Rydberg atom and has the potential to act as an interface between different quantum technology platforms in networked architectures.