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演 題 「Theoretical Understanding and Design of Molecular Functions of Proteins」
日 時 2017年12月15日(金) 16:00
講演者 Prof. Shigehiko Hayashi (Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University)
場 所

分子科学研究所 研究棟201号室

概 要

Protein functional processes involve dynamic molecular conformational changes of complex protein systems which often correlate with enzymatic chemical reactions. Hence molecular mechanism of enzymatic activities and coupling of the chemical reactions with protein molecular dynamics and flexibility underlying functional processes need to be revealed for understanding of molecular nature of protein functions. Furthermore, taking the protein flexibility into account is also crucial to designing novel functionalities of proteins through mutagenesis as mutations introduced often induce extensive conformational changes of proteins. In the talk, our recent molecular simulation studies on enzymatic reactions of protein complexes, activation processes of photoreceptor proteins, and analysis and design of color variants of photoreceptor proteins will be presented, and role of protein conformational changes and flexibility in protein functional processes will be discussed.



対応者:古賀信康(総研大アジア冬の学校2017 実行委員)
柳井 毅、 藤 貴夫(2017年度コロキウム委員)